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Vienna Shoulder Institute (VIS)

Shoulder injuries are quite common, among sportspersons. Though these injuries can be corrected with prope rest, medication and physical therapy, intense injuries may require surgery. With the advancement in medicine, experts have developed different methods of surgery to treat and ease the pain caused due to various shoulder injuries.Given below are some of the types of shoulder surgery.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a popular surgical procedure which involves the use of an arthroscope, or a small camera which is used for dislocated shoulder surgery. In the procedure, the doctor makes small incision in the skin around the region of injury and inserts the camera through it. This type of surgery is also effective for correcting torn tendons, a tear in the rotator cuff muscle or shoulder impingement.

Bankart Surgery

Also known as the Broca-Perthes-Bankart procedure, this surgery mainly aims to treat a Bankart lesion or torn shoulder ligaments due to trauma and pinched nerve in the shoulder. This open surgery involves attaching the torn ligaments back in the glenoid cavity and fixing the dislocated shoulder. Bankart surgery also restores the movement of the shoulder. Sportsmen and individuals who suffer from recurrent shoulder dislocation are mostly treated by this procedure.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The individual may have to undergo shoulder replacement surgery if his shoulder joint is completely damaged. This procedure, which is also known as total shoulder arthroplasty, is used as a treatment method for stiff joints, that trigger severe pain even with slight flexing of the shoulder. In this surgery, the complete humeral head and glenoid, or the ball and socket joint, is replaced. This procedure is carried out under general anesthesia and is effective for treating individuals who suffer from chronic arthritis.

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Sometimes due to excess strain on the rotator cuff or shoulder muscle, the tendons get pinched causing torn cartilage in shoulder and severe pain. This can restrict the movement of the shoulder. The surgery is performed through an incision in the shoulder region to reach the damaged rotator cuff muscle. After removing the scar tissue in the tendons, the surgeon attaches the ligaments to the shoulder bone. The rotator cuff surgery recovery period takes a longer time to heal than the other procedures, since the blood circulation is slower in the tendons.

The shoulder surgery recovery time depends on various factors like the age of the individual, the previous medical history and the severity of the injury. The individual may be told to wear an arm sling, till recovery, to minimize movement. The approximate recovery period may be from a couple of weeks to a month. Intensive physiotherapy may be recommended by the physician for the complete recovery. Improper post-operative care can lead to some unwanted complications. In case you experience pain and discomfort at the site of surgery, consult your doctor, without further delay. Take care!

Our experience with major trauma is well known and several patients from outside EU were sent to us for operation and aftertreatment.
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